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Always Look At Models With A Realtor- We have each specialized in and sold new construction homes for over 25 years in Las Vegas, Henderson and N. Las Vegas. Technology for the materials that homes are made of and the products included in these homes have continually changed and is now amazing! Utility bills are lower because homes stay warmer and cooler. There are numerous liabilities, options, green products and ways to build a home that you need to go into this large investment educated.

New Homes Las Vegas

Our House Is BRAND NEW! Getting a new construction home inspection may sound crazy but it makes perfectly good sense. New does not mean correct. We’ve noticed that in about 9 out of 10 new homes that we have inspected, the inspector has found something important wrong. When something important is wrong, it can cost you money for future repairs or in your monthly utility costs. Besides financial savings, you’ll get years of peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to wonder if everything was installed correctly.

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I sold my first new construction home in 1994 and it was the easiest home sale I ever did. However, in 26 years, I’ve learned A LOT and things have changed A LOT. What I’ve seen the most is how savvy home builders have become. They have merged, sold thousands of homes and stacked the deck in their favor. The phrase has never been so true- Buyer Beware. What’s changed is how the system works today – it’s very lop-sided in favor of the builder. There are ways to protect yourself more and you shou